LiveCD: What sofware is included and excluded

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This LiveCD comes with pre-configured Ubuntu-10.10 for i386 machines (Not a 64bit version). To accommodate many server software and still keep it below 700MB, many desktop related software are not installed. However, one can add them using 'synaptic'.

Software included

Minimal Gnome Desktop
open-ssh server
vsftp server
Mysql and
exim4 (mail server)
dovecot (IMAP server)
SquirrelMail (web based mail client)
Sun Java and Tomcat
evince (To read PDF files)
abiword (To read .doc files)
gnumeric (speadsheet)

Library related Open Source Software:

DSpace (version: 1.7.0)
Koha (version: 3.2.6)

Sofware excluded

Open Office
mail clients
languages other than English and Indic
Multimedia related s/w
and Many More ...

How to add addtional software

However, if you wish to add any software go to

Further Information

To access any one of the pre-configured library services you may use logins and passwords given in the Home page. As this is a LiveCD, it would not touch your hard disk. Once you come out of the LiveCD. You can resume your normal operations on your system. However, if you wish install the contents of this CD, you may click the icon "Install Ubuntu 10.10". You only have to be careful with Partitioning the disk, as it allows multi-OS boot"

One disadvantage with any LiveCD is, you can/should NOT install it on an existing server on which you already have lots of data and software configured. In future, '.deb' files may be released to facilitate configuring theses software on Debian Linux compatible operating system like Ubuntu