Further Configuraton

Once the LiveCD is installed on to your hard disk, you may further modify the configuration

Modify the web page

The web page /var/www/index.html uses everywhere localhost as the host name. This works fine on the same system. However, if you wish access the web page either from Intranet or Internet, you have to replace every occurence of localhost with the actual host name or IP address

Network Configuration

Depending on whether you wish to use the newly installed system on LAN or Internet, modify the following files.

1) Press Alt+F2 and enter: sudo gedit /etc/hosts: Enter the IP Address and Fully Qualified Domain Name

2) Press Alt+F2 and enter: sudo gedit /etc/hostname: Enter the hostname of your system without domain name

3) In System --> Preferences -> Network Connections
Choose DHCP or Enter Static IP Number, subnet mask and gateway information

Alternatively, instead of using Alt+F2, you may open a terminal using the menus: Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal and use sudo commands

Proxy Configuration

In case your organization uses a proxy, you pass on the proxy information in a few places, which is normally the IP address of the Proxy server and the Port number

1) System --> Preferences -> Network Proxy
2) System --> Administration -> Synaptic -> Settings -> Preferences -> Network
3) in /home/dspace/config/dspace.cfg, enter the proxy informatin in the following parameters

http.proxy.host =

# port number of proxy server
http.proxy.port =
Do not forget to restart Tomcat whenever you modify dspace.cfg

4) And of course in your browser settings too

NOTE: On the LiveCD exim4+dovecot+squirrel mail are pre-installed. However, to reconfigure the mail server
Press Alt+F2 and enter: sudo dpkg-reconfigure exim4-config
Fill the information in the screen that appear


For extensive customization of the configuration go to /home/dspace/config/dspace.cfg. All the parameters are provided with help information in this file.
If you wish to use your organizations e-mail server change the parameter "mail.server".
Whenever you modify dspace.cfg file, do not forget to Stop and Start Tomcat. To do that used the commands:
Press Alt+F2 and enter: sudo /etc/init.d/dspaced stop
Press Alt+F2 and enter: sudo /etc/init.d/dspaced start
Your organization may have firewalls, talk to your system administration to ensure mails are sent from your system.

DSpace Documentation

For more information go to DSpace site


On the LiveCD only the basic configuration is setup. Once you login as kohaadmin, the web pages will direct you to configure Koha LMS. LiveCD is configured with Zebra, a Z39.50 software. Make sure you enabled zebra, if you wish to download MARC records form sites like Library of Congress.

For more information go to Koha Documentation GO Home page.